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Personal Injury

What To Do If You Were Hurt

If you were injured, you need to protect yourself physically and legally. The first thing you need to do is protect yourself from further injury. This can mean anything from simply getting to a safe place, or going to the hospital. Even if you don’t hurt right now, you may hurt later, so get the medical attention you need to prevent additional pain and suffering.

You may have an obligation to contact police, or security personnel. This is generally a pretty good way to preserve evidence and document the event that injured you. The sooner you record the names of witnesses the better. Your attorney will want to interview these people while the event is still fresh in their minds.

You also want to preserve evidence such as video, which may be destroyed or recycled if you don’t quickly request it. You should use a camera to record the damages. Take pictures of wounds, the vehicle damage, bruising, accident site, etc. Later, these pictures may be worth their weight in gold.

If you haven’t kept a journal before, now is a good time to start. Keep notes every day about how you feel and how the injury affected you. For instance, if you suffered a headache which was a 7 on a scale of 10, with 10 being unbearable, write that down.

Did you have problems with simple things like tying your shoelaces, dressing yourself, working around the house? If so, note these things. This information will help you later recall all that you went through, so that you will be adequately compensated.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations to the T. Your doctor, or Chiropractor, may suggest a treatment regimen that seems like a lot of work. You need to gut it out and do the work because it will help you recover. You have a legal obligation to prevent additional pain and suffering, and to recover as quickly as possible.

Your treatment can be paid for in a number of different ways. Your automobile, or medical insurance, Labor and Industries, or the State of Washington Crime Victim Assistance Fund might be sources of payment for your treatment. The Tacoma personal injury attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates are frequently successful at negotiating treatment in exchange for payment after either settlement or judgment. This means that you might be eligible for treatment without having to pay for it until your case settles.

We take most personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that we don't charge you unless we are successful at getting money for you. We will literally become your teammates, working side-by-side with you to make sure that you get the very best result possible.

Personal Injury Information

Durflinger Oliver & Associates has represented a wide variety of clients who have been injured through the carelessness of others.

The personal injury cases we have handled include auto accidents, motorcycle collisions, bicycle related injuries, slip and falls, dog bites, injuries while on another’s property, emotional distress, abuse and many other types of serious injuries.

If you’ve been injured, you need to quickly take action to protect your rights, or you may never be made whole. Washington State Law requires you to file a lawsuit, or notice of claim, in as little as one year, or else you will lose all of your rights to compensation. This means that you alone may have to pay your medical expenses, car repairs, and any other damages you suffered. Don’t let this happen. We will fight to get you every penny you're owed.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates Partner James Oliver worked for the insurance industry before devoting himself to fighting for injured persons. He knows all of the tricks insurance companies use to keep you from getting the money you deserve. State Farm, Allstate and the rest are in business to make money by paying out as little as possible.

Many insurance carriers rely on a software program to tell them what a case is worth. The adjuster chats with you, and then enters certain words and phrases into the computer. If you were rear-ended, hurt your neck, went to the doctor twice and your car was totaled, the insurance adjuster would enter this information into her computer and, voila, out comes an estimated settlement value.

The less information the adjuster feeds into the computer, the less your claim is worth. Sometimes the adjusters accidentally leave out important information. Sometimes it’s not so accidental.

Insurance companies generally require that their adjusters pay out no more than 80% of the figure spit out by the computer. The less the adjusters pay out, the greater their bonuses, promotions and perks. These people are not your friends.

The adjusters typically rely on two different methods for scamming you: 1) they’ll offer you far, far less money than your claim is worth (see above); and, 2) they’ll claim that your accident isn’t worth any money because either it didn’t cause your injuries, or the claim isn’t covered under an insurance policy.

Unfortunately, insurance companies, and their employees, have great incentive to be less than honest with you. The Tacoma personal injury attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates know the insurance companies’ tricks and how to deal with them.

It’s a proven fact that people represented by skilled personal injury attorneys on average settle their claims for significantly more money than those who negotiate settlement by themselves. Durflinger Oliver & Associates will fight to get you every penny you are owed.

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